CSR policy

An eco-friendly event

Choose our eco-friendly and attractive destination for your next   event.

Thinking of the future, Atlantia takes particular care of its organisers’ needs and their participants’ comfort. In 2011, Atlantia was awarded the Quality Prize for Sustainable Development and in 2015, the first site outside Paris to have obtained its ISO 20121 certification, a real reference for responsible event management.  

Our promise to be eco-friendly

We are careful to offer you a quality convention centre in which we have set-up numerous actions in favour of sustainable development, be they environmental, social or economic.    

Satisfying our clients and visitors

Client satisfaction is essential to Atlantia. Our Customer Satisfaction questionnaires are critical to measure it successfully.  More than 95 %*of our clients are extremely satisfied with Atlantia’s services.     

Its strong points are noted as follows: the professionalism and reactivity of its teams, the site’s location, the Convention Centre’s flexibility, the technical team’s ability to offer new ideas.    

* Satisfaction rate in 2017: 50 % of those involved in an economic event replied to on-the-spot questioning.

What is ISO 20121?

ISO20121 was created in 2012 on the occasion of the London Olympics and is awarded to event management activities.   

This system for responsible management is based on the continual improvement and aid in making these events ever more so, thus leaving a positive footprint. This norm is valid for all parts of supply chain management and contains a group of recommendations for checking and measuring its environmental impact.  Events can also generate positive feedback as well negative with regard to social, environmental and economic levels, for example in terms of waste disposal or energy consumption.  

ISO 20121 provides a framework within which to identify, eliminate or reduce the potential negative effects of these events and to put in place more positive actions, thanks to the continual improvement of planning and procedures.