COVID-19 | 20/07/2020 | INFORMATION

En accord avec l'arrêté municipal du 16 juillet 2020 et selon les réglementations en vigueur (article 27 du Décret n°2020-884 du 17 juillet 2020),
Nous vous informons que le port du masque est obligatoire au sein du Palais des Congrès Atlantia.

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Expertise, reactivity and custom-made


Atlantia Convention Centre has organised your events for nearly 30 years, always careful to respect its three fundamental values: reactivity, proximity and flexibility. In choosing us, you have chosen to be warmly welcomed by a small, passionate team of experts ready to listen and act to your needs. 


At Atlantia, all coordination is handled on site to make your life easier. You will have a dedicated team member who will accompany you from the initial brief to the finalisation of your event.